You’re invited to our birthday party!

Door #1 is turning two and we’re so excited to celebrate with our friends!

We’ve opted for an indoor party this year (air conditioning please!) at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in East Atlanta from 6-8pm.

There will be a Tiny Art Sale featuring local artists and their tiny wares, free cupcakes, King of Pops, an AMAZING raffle of art supplies from Plaid, and somebody will win this tiny door -made and installed by us- in their home!

All of this on a Thursday before bedtime?! Could it be real? Oh yes. And it’s FREE and all ages.

Check out our Facebook event page for more info.

Birthday Raffle Prize!

Birthday Raffle Prize!

Door #1 is Turning TWO!

TinyDoorsATLbirthdaypartyCome and celebrate with Tiny Doors ATL and make new tiny friends!

In July of 2014, we began Tiny Doors ATL with the mission to bring big wonder to tiny spaces. We were inspired by the real-time conversation between artists at the Krog Street Tunnel, and added our tiny piece of wood and cement hoping to join in. Two years and 9 doors later, the mission has evolved to include creating free and accessible art, and highlighting neighborhoods and qualities which make Atlanta unique. We could never have imagined the kinds of conversations we would have, and great friends we would make along the way. Our Tiny Friends make this project special, and we couldn’t celebrate without you. Please join us!

*Free Tiny Cupcakes
*Local Artists Pop-Up Shop -including incredible miniatures!
*Retired Doors on Display
*King of Pops -to benefit Tiny Doors ATL
*The event is FREE and ALL AGES!

If you’re able, please help us thank Hodgepodge for donating this incredible space by purchasing a beverage and/or other treat from the counter. Plus their stuff is GOOOOOOD, so win-win!


Tiny Friends! Our t-shirts are now available ONLINE! Our first round of shirts sold out in just a few hours in January. (Thank you!!!) We were flattered and frankly puzzled. How do we keep tiny shirts available for our friends without becoming a t-shirt shop? …Oh yeah! TinyShirtWe find a t-shirt shop!
So we’ve paired with local ATL shop Fallen Arrows to have our rainbow design available online in multiple sizes all the time! For the first time we also have onesies available! (stay tuned for doggy shirts and more!)
They’re high quality cotton shirts, printed here in GA. A portion of the sales will go directly to support the care and maintenance of the doors.Thank you!



Click here to check them out!:
Tiny Doors